New Zealand Gets 'The Hobbit' Early But We Get This Video Diary

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You lucky Kiwis! Its cool enough that you actually live in Middle Earth itself, but now you get to venture down Peter Jackson's Hobbit hole (alright, that sounds dirty) two weeks bloody early.

The Hollywood Reporter has let it be known that native New Zealanders have first dibs on scoping out "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" when it's released there on November 28, well before it bows worldwide on December 12.

"I know I speak for a company of hobbits, dwarves, elves and orcs when I say that this city holds a special place in all our hearts," Jackson told his staff. "We cannot think of a more perfect way to send The Hobbit off into the world than to celebrate with a huge party here in Wellington, where the journey began."

That's a pretty big "thank you" from Jackson and Co. to all the folk who've made the worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien come alive over the course of the lengthy shoot.

Speaking of shoot, that's still an ongoing process, as made evident by the latest video production blog posting.

Within you'll get a glimpse of Scottish comedian Billy Connolly preparing for his role as warrior dwarf Dain Ironfoot. The dashing Luke Evans takes us on a "Tour de Dwarf," introducing each of the actors in their respective trailers. There's a decent glimpse at the colorful Mirkwood forest set, star Martin Freeman getting wheeled around in a barrel, and a fan favorite of the ladies returns at the very end... okay, it's Orlando Bloom as Legolas. Go get him, girls.