Logan Lerman and Douglas Booth Set Sail for 'Noah'

[caption id="attachment_45942" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Logan Lerman[/caption]

Darren Aronofsky is going from one crazed ballerina in "Black Swan" to one (arguably) crazed boat-builder in his upcoming drama, "Noah."

And now that the writer/director has Russell Crowe locked down as the titular handyman, he's busy casting two other main roles: Noah's sons. Word has it that English heartthrob Douglas Booth is lined up to play Noah's younger boy, Shem, and Logan Lerman will take on the role of the older son, Ham.

There's still no definitive word on which actress might play Noah's wife (who may or may not support his somewhat radical survival plan), though there are rumblings of Aronofsky's "Requiem For a Dream" star Jennifer Connelly as a possibility, Deadline reports. She starred opposite Crowe in "A Beautiful Mind" back in 2001, so she's got some experience as his better half.

We're also still waiting to see who will play Noah's nemesis in the film (we guess it's not the man upstairs); though Liam Neeson's name was being thrown around for that part a while back, that option seems to be no longer on the table. There's also apparently a juicy role for a young starlet as the love interest of Noah's older son ... which means some lucky actress will probably get to lock lips with Logan Lerman. Meow!

Though details of the project remain slight, we can make an educated guess that it revolves around that famous flood, the guy who built a boat to survive it and his family's reactions to his pretty… err… drastic plan. I mean, he wasn't preaching the end of world according to the Mayan calendar or anything, but still.