Our 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Dream Cast

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You've already browsed our wish list for "The Hunger Games" sequel "Catching Fire", and now that things are really starting to heat up in the casting arena, we've got a few ideas as to who should play who to throw into the mix as well!

There are a ton of new tributes who come into the picture with the second story, but these six must be cast right on the mark.

Check out our picks for each of them, vote in our polls, and hit us up in the comments and let us know what you think. Did we hit the mark, or do you picture someone totally different?

Finnick Odair

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Last week, three actors were said to be top contenders for the biggest new role, Finnick Odair. Entertainment Weekly reported that Garrett Hedlund, Taylor Kitsch, and Armie Hammer were the three actors being targeted for the gig, but that report was later refuted. Apart from Hedlund, we can't see any of those or Alex Pettyfer ultimately being chosen anyway.

Hunter Parrish, who was originally a fan favorite for Peeta Mellark, might be a good choice for the trident-wielding, sinewy District 4 favorite. He's got the look and the smile that would have the Capitol on its knees. Same goes for the sexy "Twilight" alum Cam Gigandet, who's positively ab-tacular. "True Blood" star Ryan Kwanten and "Supernatural" star Jensen Ackles have the requisite muscles and great smiles (and fan following), too. If the filmmakers want a relatively unknown actor who fits the bill for Finnick, they should look no further than Aussie hottie Lachlan Buchanan, who's got some considerable experience riding the waves.

Johanna Mason

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Comedienne Kristen Bell has been very vocal about her desire to play the sassy femme Johanna Mason, and, while our dream gal would be Mila Kunis, we've gotta be realistic about who might actually agree to do both (or all three) sequels to "The Hunger Games."

"Glee" beauty Naya Rivera is one fan favorite with serious potential, as is "Secret Circle" alum Phoebe Tonkin, the saucy former model from Down Under. We also think "Vampire Diaries" star Kat Graham could bring that devil-may-care attitude Johanna's so famous for, but "Warm Bodies" up-and-comer and seasoned tough girl Teresa Palmer could really bring some heat to the role.

Plutarch Heavensbee

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The deceptive Plutarch Heavensbee's appearance and age are as mysterious as his intent in "Catching Fire," so there are a ton of different ways the filmmakers can go with the role. Someone like "Moonrise Kingdom" star Jason Schwartzman could bring some serious angst to the part of being Panem's newest head gamemaker, as could Oliver Platt. "West Wing" star Bradley Whitford would bring some gravity to the character (Plutarch is part of an underground revolution, after all, and just look at that face. Plus, his role in "The Cabin in the Woods" definitely mirrored that of a gamemaker), but it'd also be interesting to see what the twisty Quentin Tarantino or Eli Roth could do with the part.

Mags, Beetee and Wiress

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Mags! You know you loved that feisty old lady in "Catching Fire," and no one seems more perfect for the part to us than the adorable Lynn Cohen, best known as Magda from "Sex and the City." We'd also be good with the lovely Vanessa Redgrave ("Coriolanus," "Letters to Juliet") or oh-so-sweet Rosemary Harris (Aunt May from "Spider-Man"!) for the role.

"Moonrise Kingdom" star and former Oscar nominee Bob Balaban is the face we pictured when reading about the intelligent — albeit a little goofy and ill-fated — tribute Beetee. (When we spoke to him this week during Book Expo of America — he wrote a children's novel — he admitted he hadn't read "Catching Fire" but was totally game. Bob's agent: get on it!) Whoever's chosen for it, he's gotta have the look of a thinking guy.

The character Wiress may have lost her mind, but she's also rather perceptive. Looking for someone whose appearance earns her the nickname "Nuts," all we can picture is "Blade Runner" babe Sean Young. That lady pretty much is Wiress, plus, it'd be great to see her back in the sci-fi world.

Amanda Bell is a young adult book-to-film enthusiast and has made a name for herself as a fan-friendly, informative and dependable source. In addition to being the District 14 columnist for NextMovie, she runs the popular Twilight Examiner column. Keep tabs on her on Twitter.

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