Brenton Thwaites Gets Huge Break in 'Maleficent'

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Ever since Disney announced "Maleficent," the live action adaptation of their classic animated hit "Sleeping Beauty," fans have been wondering who would step into the role of Prince Charming (aka Prince Phillip for those nitpickers out there).

After all, with Angelina Jolie on board as the iconic evil sorceress, the film would need someone equally awesome to battle her dragon form. Michael Fassbender, maybe? Matt Damon? Perhaps even Brad Pitt himself?

Well, all that speculation has finally come to an end, as according to Deadline, Disney has decided to give the role to... Brenton Thwaites!

And if anybody had ever heard of Brenton Thwaites, that would probably mean something.

Luckily, though, that's where we come in. And no, Disney hasn't gone completely off the deep end; Thwaites isn't actually obscure, he's just Australian, which may seem like the same thing but isn't. Instead, Disney is hoping that Thwaites can break out to be the next big Aussie star, following such luminescents as Chris Hemsworth and Russell Crowe.

Plus, since Princess Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty) is being played by Elle Fanning — who's still just 14 years old — casting a teenage prince is a whole lot less creepy than some of the other options being tossed around.

So will Thwaite, who is a Bieber-sized star in Australia thanks to his roles in the TV shows "SLiDE" and "Home And Away, become the next big thing in America when "Maleficent" finally arrives in theaters in 2014?

Looks like we'll all just have to thwaite and see.

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