Ron Weasley and Severus Snape Just Want to Rock ... Together

[caption id="attachment_64481" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Rupert Grint at the UK premiere of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2"[/caption]

Over the course of his short career, Rupert Grint has already shown a desire to expand his horizons, appearing in several indie films even before the "Harry Potter" series finished filming. But for a large portion of the world, Grint will always be Ron Weasley, which is why today's casting news brings a little extra thrill, as Variety is reporting that Grint will reunite with co-star Alan Rickman for the upcoming rock drama "CBGB."

Ron and Snape, together again? Now that really does rock.

"CBGB," of course, refers to the famous rock club of the same name which helped launch the punk revolution in the 1970s. Rickman is set to play CBGB owner Hilly Kristal, while Grint will play punk pioneer Cheetah Chrome, who, as a member of the band The Dead Boys, was one of CBGB's earliest and most important acts.

And Grint isn't stopping there. Besides "CBGB," Variety is also reporting that the world's most famous ginger has signed on to co-star opposite Shia LaBeouf in the upcoming drama "The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman," which is about a guy who falls for a mobster's moll.

Who knows? A few more awesome projects like these and one day people might start calling him Rupert instead of Ron after all. Keep on rockin', Rupert.

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