Lenny Kravitz Reunites with 'Precious' Director for 'The Butler'

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Before Lenny Kravitz landed the role of Nurse John in the Oscar-winning 2009 film "Precious," directed by Lee Daniels, his film credentials were mostly comprised of soundtrack selections.

Now, he's a big star in "The Hunger Games," but for his next job, he's going back to his film roots and re-teaming with Lee Daniels for his next biopic piece "The Butler."

According to The Film Stage, Kravitz's role in the film is unconfirmed, but the story details the experience of eight-time presidential butler Eugene Allen, who was profiled in the Washington Post.

Allen worked in the White House from 1952-1986 and saw the arc of the Civil Rights movement transpire from within the presidential manor. Daniels calls the picture "ultimately a father-son story with a civil rights backdrop."

Minka Kelly was also recently added to the cast, and she'll portray former First Lady Jackie Kennedy.

Forest Whitaker will lead the picture as the butler, Eugene Allen, and David Oyelowo will portray his son. Oprah Winfrey will portray his wife, while some of the presidential roles will be portrayed by Alan Rickman (Ronald Reagan), Jane Fonda (Nancy Reagan), John Cusack (Richard Nixon), and Matthew McConaughey (John F. Kennedy). Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Terrence Howard round out the heavy and impressive cast for the picture.