'The Hunger Games' Is Coming to Your Living Room!

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Hey guys, remember "The Hunger Games?" Once upon a time, long ago, before "The Avengers" started sucking up all the buzz in the entire universe, "The Hunger Games" was about the biggest thing going, breaking records and dominating headlines. Ah, those were good times, right?

Well, if you long for those distant days, you're in luck, because Lionsgate has just announced that "The Hunger Games" will be released on Blu-ray, DVD and digital download at 12:01 a.m. on August 18 — and to celebrate, they're planning a 12-week countdown of non-stop hype, beginning right now.

You know what they say: We can't miss you if you never leave. 

We jest, of course. Much as we love "The Hunger Games," though, today's announcement is a bit unusual, as the film is not only still showing in theaters, it's actually still in the box office top 10; the $2.9 million it took in last weekend was good enough for seventh place.

Still, strange as it is to be hyping a Blu-ray for a movie currently in theaters, once you get a look at some of the amazing special features on it you'll be wishing the dog days of August were already upon us (as long as it isn't one of those bio-engineered mutant dogs). That's because "The Hunger Games" Blu-ray is going to feature over three hours of behind-the-scenes goodies, including an in-depth eight-part documentary called "The World if Watching: The Making of The Hunger Games."

Plus, with a midnight release planned, fans will have another chance to break out their Katniss Everdeen costumes and recapture the excitement of the whole "Hunger Games" experience. At least, that's what Lionsgate exec Ron Schwartz is hoping.

"The motion picture event of the year is poised to become the home entertainment event of the year," Schwartz told Entertainment Weekly, "and with a midnight launch and midnight retail events scheduled at stores around the country, we expect to replicate the same level of consumer excitement generated by the film’s theatrical debut."

Well, when you put it that way, Ron, how could we be anything but excited?

Check out the special trailer for the Blu-ray release below.