Natalie Portman's Packin' Heat With 'Jane Got a Gun'

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Glory knows we love it when Oscar winner Natalie Portman starts totin' a gun, and it looks like she'll be doing it again soon - this time far, far away from Naboo.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Portman's got the Cannes Film Festival market in a bidding tizzy over her next project "Jane Got a Gun." (Yeah, we know it sounds like some Aerosmith tribute flick, but it's not.)

Portman will star in and produce the western, which was scripted by newcomer Brian Duffield (and appeared on the 2011 Black List of the biz's best un-produced screenplays), and Lynne Ramsay ("We Need to Talk About Kevin") will direct.

"Jane" follows a woman reluctantly seeking help from an estranged ex-lover after her outlaw husband is critically injured in a gunfight — and Jane must defend her farm from her husband's gang as they attempt to finish the job.

Portman's filming schedule is booked up until the end of fall with back-to-back Terrence Malick films, "Knight of the Cups" and "Lawless," and she's reportedly wanted by her "V for Vendetta" pals Lana and Andy Wachowski  for their next flick, "Jupiter Ascending," which is expected to begin production in October. Needless to say, Portman's post-Oscar and post-baby schedule is busy, busy!