Rapper T.I. Hunts the A.W.O.L. in 'Identity Theft'

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It's an age old axiom: If you want to catch a thief, you should hire a thief to do it. After all, nobody else knows the tricks of the trade as well. So naturally, if you want to catch superstar like Melissa McCarthy, who should you turn to but another big name superstar?

Well, according to Deadline, that's exactly what Universal has just done, as rapper and actor T.I. has joined the cast of "Identity Theft" in the role of a professional bounty hunter.

Sorry, Melissa. Looks like this is about to be case closed.

Here's the story: "Identity Theft" stars McCarthy as a crook who steals a man's identity (that man being the always excellent Jason Bateman). When the two of them unexpectedly team up, T.I. is called in as a bounty hunter to chase them down.

And T.I. isn't the only star joining the cast of "Identity Theft," as Deadline is also reporting that actress Genesis Rodriguez is on board as well. Rodriguez will play "an associate to a local crime boss that comes looking for McCarthy’s character after she scams them out of money."

So will T.I. get his man, even if that man turns out to be a woman pretending to be a man? We wouldn't bet against him.

After all, the best way to beat the game is to hire a true playa.

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