Bill Murray Is FDR (!) in 'Hyde Park on Hudson Trailer'

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The first trailer for the upcoming period piece "Hyde Park on Hudson" is here and that means just one thing: We finally get to see Bill Murray as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

What else do you need to know?

Probably nothing, right? After all, the idea of Bill Murray playing one of our nation's most iconic figures is too juicy to pass up. But just in case you're still trying to wrap your head around just what the heck is going on, here's a quick rundown: Based on true events (and the play of the same name by Richard Nelson), "Hyde Park on Hudson" tells the tale of a semi-informal visit made by King George VI of England (you know, the one from "The King's Speech") to America in the days leading up to World War II.

It also co-stars Laura Linney as a distant cousin to FDR who may or may not also be his secret lover. Bill Murray, FDR and illicit affairs? How can you not check out this new trailer from Yahoo! Movies?