Trailer: Bradley Cooper Said 'The Words' and Now He's Taking The Book

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Not to get all English teacher on you, but words are important. Words have power, especially when used by the right person in the right way.

And for our money, there are very few words that have power quite like these: A hot new movie trailer starring Bradley Cooper has just hit the itnernet.

And we've got it for you right here. Are you ready for the power of "The Words?"

Here's the premise: Cooper plays a struggling writer (is there any other kind in the movies?) who just can't seem to catch a break. Then, he catches a break when he finds an old manuscript that's, like, totally better than anything he's ever written himself. So naturally he publishes it and gets rich and famous. Sweet deal, right?

Well, not if the original author is still alive and kicking and played by Jeremy Irons. Then you're in a whole world of crap. Check it out, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies and find out if there are any words powerful enough for Cooper to erase that kind of mistake: