Aaron Sorkin Will Write Cool Dialogue For 'Steve Jobs'

[caption id="attachment_128484" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Aaron Sorkin[/caption]

Aaron Sorkin has himself a new "Jobs."

Sorkin will bring his inimitable and much-celebrated rat-a-tat writing style to the life story of "Steve Jobs," according to The Hollywood Reporter. The "Social Network" scribe will be adapting the best-selling biography of the Apple co-founder by Walter Isaacson.

Sorkin has long been the first choice for penning the screenplay of "Steve Jobs," for both producer Scott Rudin and, well, pretty much everyone else on the planet. The "West Wing" creator has been slow to commit to the project, but now that his new HBO show, "The Newsroom," is just about wrapped up and ready to premiere next month, he's ready to sit down and tell the tale of one of the most brilliant American entrepreneurs of the 20th century.

Even Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chairman Amy Pascal is excited about Sorkin taking the gig: "Steve Jobs' story is unique: he was one of the most revolutionary and influential men not just of our time but of all time. There is no writer working in Hollywood today who is more capable of capturing such an extraordinary life for the screen than Aaron Sorkin; in his hands, we’re confident that the film will be everything that Jobs himself was: captivating, entertaining and polarizing."

Aaron Sorkin is a bright shining star at Sony after having won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay for "The Social Network." He also did the studio proud after sharing an Oscar nomination with Steve Zaillian and Stan Chervin for their adaptation of "Moneyball."

"Steve Jobs" shouldn't be confused with "Jobs," the indie film currently in production with Ashton Kutcher in the title role. No casting announcements have been made on "Steve Jobs" yet, though Tom Cruise, who did great with Sorkin dialogue 20 years ago in "A Few Good Men," has been mentioned more than once.

Meanwhile, Aaron Sorkin's new drama series, "The Newsroom," is set to premiere on HBO on June 24.