'SNL' Puts Liam Neeson In A Steel Cage Match

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Will Ferrell may have been the host of "Saturday Night Live" last night — and he was totally awesome, by the way — but it was another A-list movie star that stole the show with an unexpected guest appearance: Liam Neeson.

And the star of the upcoming blockbuster "Battleship" proved once again that he simply cannot be Caged.

We speak, of course, about the recurring Weekend Update segment "Get in the Cage," where actor Nic Cage (aka Andy Samberg) quizzes fellow thespians about their own personal acting quirks.

This time around, though, Cage is mostly filled with envy over Neeson's luck in landing a role in "Battleship," not to mention his luck in being, well, Liam Neeson.

So check it out, Courtesy of NBC. And watch as Neeson handles live comedy as deftly as he would a pack of rabid wolves: