All Aboard These 6 Kick-Ass 'Battleship' Clips

[caption id="attachment_128146" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Universal"]Taylor Kitsch in Battleship[/caption]

After proving he could do superheroes with "Hancock," director Peter Berg is getting all Michael Bay on us with a big ol' summer alien invasion disaster movie, based on a board game, called "Battleship."

Taylor Kitsch plays Lieutenant Alex Hopper, a U.S. Navy tactical action officer aboard the USS John Paul Jones, under the stern command of Admiral Shane (Liam Neeson). When their naval exercises uncover some hostile extraterrestrial forces, it'll take all the firepower they've got to sink those E.T.s but good.

1. When Zeus, a.k.a. Liam Neeson, recites Homer to you, it's gotta be bad news.

2. Taylor Kitsch can snag any girl he wants with the magic "I was John Carter" pick-up line.

3. Like they said in "Time Bandits": "Don't touch it, it's evil!"

4. Master Chief from "Halo" points a giant syringe at Kitsch.

5. All these panicky people need to take their cue from that Buddha statue and just chill.

6. That "NOT DEAD!" guy in the back is just like, "Called it!"