Anna Faris and Chris Pratt Are Expecting

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No joke! Comedienne Anna Faris is pregnant with her first child.

The "Dictator" star and her "Moneyball" hubby Chris Pratt confirmed the news to People, via her rep. While this is a big step forward for the couple who've been married nearly three years, it should come as no surprise.

The 35-year-old Faris has been pretty open about her desire to be a mom. As early as last September, she already had babies on the brain, saying, "I would love to have eight [kids]! I don't think I could handle it though!" But what did Pratt think on the subject? "Chris wants a big family!" Faris exclaimed.

Whether they have eight kids or not, the funny girl made it clear she was ready to expand the family soon, saying she'd start "maybe in the next few years" because she and Pratt "want to populate!"

Even so, however, back in 2009, Faris was the first to admit that despite her wishes, the "timing is so hard in this industry."

And while Faris and Pratt have both been busy (Pratt appeared in "The Five-Year Engagement and is currently shooting "Zero Dark Thirty" while Faris has the "Dictator" and "I Give It a Year" coming up), apparently the timing is finally right. Or, at least, right enough.

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