Happy Birthday, Katniss!

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Move over, "Avengers." You had your big weekend. Today is all about Katniss.

It's May 8, and while that might not mean much to everyone, it sure matters to "The Hunger Games" fans. It's Katniss' birthday, after all!

The cargo pants-clad, bow and arrow-wielding heroine of "The Hunger Games" will be an eternal teenager, of course (because, sadly, she's fictional), but we like to think of Katniss Everdeen as a near and dear friend and are celebrating it just the same.

"Hunger Games" fans are chipping in on the social networks, too, working at a #HappyBirthdayKatniss trending topic and rallying up ideas for how to honor District 12's finest she-tribute.

We've got a few ideas to throw into the mix.

How about whipping up a dish from the "Hunger Games" cookbook for dinner tonight or checking out some of the best "Hunger Games" parodies on the web? One might also consider watching (or re-watching, as the case may be) Katniss' lovely on-screen counterpart Jennifer Lawrence in some of her past flicks. For the exceptionally faithful, there's always the possibility of visiting the locations where "The Hunger Games" movie magic took place down south.

However you may be ringing it in, as Effie might say, "It's a big, big, big day!" Happy birthday Katniss!