Sacha Baron Cohen Warns 'SNL' Viewers: Enjoy 'The Dictator,' Or Else

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New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning might have been the host of "Saturday Night Live" last night, but it was a surprise guest star that scored the biggest comedy touchdown of the night: Sacha Baron Cohen.

And wait until you see who came along with him.

On hand to promote his upcoming farce "The Dictator" — and dolled up as lead character Admiral General Aladeen — Cohen bantered with "SNL's" Seth Meyers about the overwhelmingly positive reviews "The Dictator" has been receiving. The secret of "The Dictator's" critical success? Torture, of course.

And just to illustrate his point, Cohen brought along an unwilling assistant, none other than... but that would be telling. Check out the clip, courtesy of NBC, and see for yourself: