The Lizard Wrecks Havoc in New 'Spider-Man' Trailer

[caption id="attachment_126684" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Sony Pictures"]The Amazing Spider-Man[/caption]

"This life is not an easy one." Boy, you said it, brother!

Hot on the heels of the third look at "The Dark Knight Rises" and on the eve of the premiere of "The Avengers" comes the third (and probably final) preview of "The Amazing Spider-Man," the rather revisionist-looking new spin on everyone's favorite wall-crawler.

Dazzling pyrotechnics (and acrobatics), a few jokey-jokes ("You found my weakness … it's small knives!") and lots of daddy issues abound in this latest trailer, which continues to expand on the ideas presented in earlier previews that something mysterious and rather sinister was going on with Peter Parker's father. This new preview also makes the movie seem a little less brooding and "Twilight"-ish as it showcases some rather large-scale (and brutal!) action as Spidey takes on one of his classic enemies, the Lizard.

Really, Sony had us with the very first teaser that came out last summer, so this new trailer really just guarantees what was already set in stone: We'll be there opening night.

Check out the new trailer below or in HD at iTunes Movie Trailers. "The Amazing Spider-Man" opens July 3.