Robert Pattinson Adds 'The Rover' to His Future Film Ride

[caption id="attachment_91422" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Getty Images"]Robert Pattinson[/caption]

Robert Pattinson is making some serious moves to step out of the "Twilight" spotlight and into his own turf.

According to Variety, R.Pattz has been added to David Michod's Guy Pearce-led Aussie chase flick "The Rover," which follows a man (Pearce) as he chases thieves who stole his car through the Australian Outback.

Pattinson will, for the first time since his "Harry Potter" days, play a supporting role in the film as one of the thieves pursued by Pearce's character. This is the second new film to be announced for Robert Pattinson this week.

He was also just attached to star in "Mission: Blacklist," the true story of Eric Maddox, an Army interrogator who dramatically and dangerously gathered the intelligence necessary to locate and capture Saddam Hussein from his rabbit hole hiding place.

Pattinson will be appearing at Cannes Film Festival later this month to support the debut of his David Cronenberg flick "Cosmopolis," based on the Don DeLillo novel about a rich twenty-something who takes a limo ride to get a haircut and winds up squandering his family fortune. His other latest flick "Bel Ami" — based on the Guy de Maupassant novel about a poor man who works his way up the French social ladder by seducing powerful women — hits VOD tomorrow and select theaters on June 8th.

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