'Hangover' Star Ed Helms To Release a Bluegrass Album

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You can try coffee, Alka-Seltzer, or a Bloody Mary, but to recover from his "Hangover," actor Ed Helms likes to unwind playing Appalachian-style bluegrass music. While it may seem like a weird vanity project or attempt to give his pal Steve Martin a run for his money, Dr. Stu Price can actually pluck a mean banjo.

Ed Helms and the Lonesome Trio started as he and Oberlin College classmates Jacob Tilove and Ian Riggs began pickin' tunes for fun in their dorm, but now two decades later they're making it official as The Hollywood Reporter says the group will cut an actual bona fide album.

"We've been laying down some demos and kicking them back and forth," says Helms. "We've been playing together so long, we have so many original tunes. We’ve made recordings for friends and family for years but we’ve never done a proper album."

As the music festival Helms co-founded, The L.A. Bluegrass Situation, kicks off for its third year at legendary venue Largo, most shows featuring performers like Martin, Punch Brothers, and John C. Reilly are selling out to enthusiastic crowds. He's also started a Situation blog to cover the LA bluegrass scene, but as far as engineering a record release the "Jeff Who Lives At Home" star is looking to another comedy great's recent online success as inspiration.

"It's unclear if a label is the way to go," Helms admits. "The Louis C.K. comedy model is kind of also crossing over into the music world and obviously Radiohead kind of threw it up online for a donation of four or five dollars. We are figuring that part out."