You Just Got Loki'd by Tom Hiddleston!

You don't want to mess with the god of mischief. Or maybe you do, if it involves a free lunch with Loki.

"Avengers" baddie Tom Hiddleston sits down with MTV's After Hours to make it known that he's much more like Loki than people give him credit for. "I'm a bit of a prankster. I can be pretty menacing. I can go there," he says.

The MTV offices had the honor of spending the day with Hiddleston's shenanigans and maniacal laugh. Clearly Loki's the Ashton Kutcher from Asgard who just likes the occasional prank. Give  the misunderstood guy a break!

By the way can Wendy the mustache get a cameo in the "Avengers" sequel?