Cool Clicks: Amanda Seyfried Poses For 'Lovelace' Poster

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Yeah, we'd probably watch more porn if more porn stars looked like Amanda Seyfried. The "Red Riding Hood" beauty looks all '70s glam as "Deep Throat" star Linda Lovelace in the poster for "Lovelace," on display at Latino Review.

Looking to do your homework on "The Avengers" before seeing the movie this weekend? sifts through 50 years of comic book history to come up with the ten essential stories that will enhance your "Avengers" experience.

That old Ben is just a crazy old man … and he's apparently turned to the Dark Side! MTV Clutch has the scoop on the man who legally changed his name to Obiwan Kenobi (note the lack of hyphen, 'cause he's streets) being arrested for allegedly starting a five-car crash and fleeing the scene.

Now that the third trailer for "The Dark Knight Rises" has been released, do we really know anything more about Christopher Nolan's top-secret Bat-finale? examines the evidence and speculates on a complete plot for this summer's epic comic book adventure.

And now for something completely different. Upon the aftermath of all the news about Mad Cow Disease last week, Screen Junkies has compiled a list of their favorite cows from movies and television. The one from "Three Kings" is not included because, well, if you remember, it blew up.

"Crooked Arrows" offers a new twist on a classic underdog sports story as it centers on Joe Logan (Brandon Routh), a coach who reluctantly leads a Native American high school team on their unlikely journey to the State Lacrosse Championship game against their prep school rivals. Check out the trailer on the film's Facebook page.

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