Val Kilmer Removes His Glasses … A Lot

[caption id="attachment_126193" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="YouTube"]Val Kilmer[/caption]

If you ever see Val Kilmer wearing a pair of glasses — clear, shaded, prescription or otherwise — chances are that sight isn't going to last very long.

You've seen Val Kilmer work the bifocals in a lot of movies. He looked cool in sunglasses in "The Doors" and "Top Gun," brought a sexy smartness to Bruce Wayne with his reading glasses in "Batman Forever" and even impressed a Native American medicine man with his shades in "Thunderheart." But have you ever noticed — in pretty much everyone movie that calls for him to don these accessories — just how often he actually removes those things from his face?

"Yo GLASSES. You're blocking Val Kilmer's face! GET THE HECK OUTTA HERE." So reads the YouTube description of the best supercut you'll watch this week. Check out Val losing the specs (over and over again) below, and thanks to Screen Crush for the find.