Keanu Reeves Crunches the Bad Guys in 'The Peanuts Matrix'

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Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss unloaded a lot of shells during the famous lobby shootout sequence in "The Matrix," but now they ARE the shells. Whoa.

YouTube auteur Matt Jones directed this clever little clip of Neo and Trinity machine-gunning their way through a refrigerator as peanuts with little sunglasses drawn on them. Yes, peanuts.

As part of an elaborate production design challenge, Jones simply replaced the metal detectors with a couple Yoplait yogurts and the columns with cucumbers. If only the Wachowskis had thought that up in 1999 it might have saved them and Warner Bros. a few million in set construction.

The audio from the original scene is still intact, so why not watch Legume Keanu (still a bit stiff in the acting department) spread mayhem as he turns a bunch of peanuts into peanut butter. Even in nut form, it still looks pretty sweet.