Eli Roth Brings Splatter To Las Vegas With His 'Goretorium'

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When you envision Las Vegas, you think of Cirque du Soleil, Penn & Teller, erotic showgirls, Don Rickles and some kind of vague recollection of Rat Pack-era drunken romanticism.

Now you can add Eli Roth to that list of vaunted Vegas staples as The Guardian reports the horrormeister plans to gouge tourists of their cash and possibly more with an attraction called "Goretorium."

Having already adapted his popular "Hostel" torture porn series into a serious meatgrinder of a horror maze on the Universal Studios lot called "Hostel: Hunting Season," writer/director/occasional "Inglourious Basterd" Roth plans for Goretorium to be a multi-storey carnival spook house writ large and, likely, oozing with blood and other bodily discharges.

In other words, maybe drop grandma off at "Jersey Boys" before you go.

No word yet on exactly what terrors lurk in the depths of this attraction, but Roth has a P.T. Barnum-meets-Ed Gein level of showmanship that virtually guarantees genre hounds will not be disappointed. He wants this "world mecca for horror fans" to open on September 27 just off the Vegas strip, and if it succeeds in scaring up a profit expect Goretorium franchises in London, Tokyo and New York to follow.

Meanwhile, as the 40-year-old director who showed so much promise with "Cabin Fever" and that amazing "Thanksgiving" trailer trailblazes as a film producer and theme park impresario, he has yet to direct another feature since 2007's "Hostel II." We hope he still has enough demented vision leftover for another fright flick or two when he's through being the Donald Trump of horror.