'Avengers,' Alison Brie and Dave Franco Rule April

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When April began, I knew that there was no chance it could top March's "The Hunger Games" rush. It's usually a quiet month anyway, and the biggest event here in New York that would be worth making a big fuss over was the Tribeca Film Festival.

But, with "The Avengers" closing the festival, I was thrilled. Perhaps my prediction would be off.

Alas, my search for superheroes wasn't as fruitful as I'd like. Try as I might, Thor, Captain America, The Hulk, Loki and more just weren't sharing their super-stardom with me.

Thankfully, the beginning of the month was a bit more productive when I met "21 Jump Street" star Dave Franco and "The Five-Year Engagement" actress Alison Brie at a concert. I even got the chance to talk to Alison about how great "Five-Year" was only to find out she hadn't even seen it yet!

'The Avengers' Did Not Assemble For Me

The comic book movie that seems like we've been waiting decades to see is finally here and taking over our lives! Well, okay, maybe just my life because I have put in some hard work and long hours in an attempt to meet the superheroes in the flesh.

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I hit up "The Late Show With David Letterman" to shake Chris Hemsworth's hand but it just did not work out in my favor. I thought I had a chance when he took a picture with my friend, but when I asked, he just kept moving down the line signing autographs. Since I like Chris so much I'll pretend he didn't blatantly ignore me and instead just couldn't hear me. Thankfully I got some pictures of him signing all of those autographs to tide me over.

This weekend, I made the trek downtown for "The Avengers" premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival and, while I got to see Hemsworth again as well as his co-stars Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg and Tom Hiddleston, sadly, there was no meeting anyone in the chaotic crowd. Even though I arrived hours before the red carpet started, the crowd behind us revolted once the first guest arrived and my spot in the frontlines against the barricade was robbed from me.

Today, I gave "Good Morning America" a shot since Chris Evans and Hemsworth were on the schedule, but that didn't work out either. Both guys tried to sign autographs and take pictures, but the large crowd behind us kept trying to shove forward which made the barricades dangerous as they started leaning forward about to fall. It was apparent that the situation wasn't safe so both Thor and Captain America got in their cars and left before someone got hurt. I did learn something though: Comic book fans are ruthless!

Alison Brie: Movie Star Turned Rock Star?

Thanks to the wonderful world of Twitter, I heard that "The Five-Year Engagement" actress would be performing with her folk-singing cover group The Girls at Le Poisson Rouge. Not only was I excited to see if Brie had the singing chops to add to her acting chops, but I also wanted to meet her! "The Girls" covered a handful of songs including tracks from Childish Gambino (otherwise known as her "Community" co-star Donald Glover) and Bruce Springsteen. After the show, I got the chance to gush over how much I loved "The Five-Year Engagement." Considering Alison hadn't even seen the movie herself yet, she was pretty psyched to hear my positive review.

Dave Franco Supports The Girls

What's better than attending a concert in hopes of meeting one movie star and actually getting to meet two? Um, not much! In a rare moment of good luck, I spied the "21 Jump Street" breakout star having a guys' night out at Alison Brie's The Girls show. I waited until the show was over to seek Dave out for a picture and I have to say it was well worth the wait. He was hanging back in the merchandise area waiting for his friends when I asked for a picture, and he pulled me in for a headlock-esque buddy pose. I think this makes us official BFF's, don't you?

Like many of you, Professional Fan Girl Lauren Cox has always had a fascination with movie stars. She's turned her hobby – hitting premieres and other events in New York City to meet them – into a blog, and now a NextMovie column. Keep up with her adventures meeting celebs by following her on Twitter.