Nicktoon Characters Assemble as 'The Avengers'

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In August of 1991, the face of basic cable was changed forever when Nickelodeon debuted their Nicktoons block of original animated fare ranging from the relatively milquetoast "Doug," the scatological silliness of "Rugrats" and the certifiable insanity of "Ren & Stimpy."

Now, courtesy of the loony toons at Moviefone, these classic '90s characters are meeting the Earth's mightiest heroes head-on in a mash-up so sweet it's the pop-cultural equivalent of mixing Pop Rocks with Pepsi: Nicktoons and Marvel's "The Avengers."

As Stimpy might say, "Oh joy!"

In their gallery, you will see Stimpy raging out as The Hulk, Spongebob Squarepants as a soggy The Mighty Thor, Invader Zim as Iron Man, Gerald of "Hey Arnold!" as an afro-centric Nick Fury and more.

As we eagerly await this Friday's superheroic assault on the senses, why not let this alternate universe "Avengers" assemble some nostalgia for lost your youth?