Opening Scene From 'The Dictator' Is Totally Aladeen

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Sacha Baron Cohen has pulled a lot of stunts in his time, but as the official opening scene from his new comedy "The Dictator" shows, he's never pulled a stunt this big before: Changing the entire English language.

And the results can be described as nothing less than totally Aladeen.

"The Dictator" doesn't open until May 16, but Cohen has released the opening scene to give you a sneak peek of his latest brainstorm, the Middle Eastern dictator General Aladeen. Just how crazy is Aladeen? He's changed hundreds of words in his native tongue to his own name — a change that's already being embraced by Cohen fans across the internet.

So will you find this clip (which also features "Daily Show" correspondent Aasif Mandvi) as Aladeen as they do? Check it out, courtesy of YouTube, and see for yourself: