Russell Brand Gives Parliament the Straight Dope

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It's safe to say that Russell Brand knows a thing or two about drugs, but instead of dwelling on the past, he's using his dark history of addiction to help others: By asking the British government to make drugs legal.

Trust us, it makes more sense when he says it.

Appearing before members of the British Parliament's House of Commons yesterday, Brand explained in detail to the government why he believes that, rather than arrest people for owning and using drugs, they should be helping those people seek treatment for their addiction.

"If you need to get drugs because you're a drug addict, you're going to get drugs regardless of their legal status," Brand said according to Yahoo! Movies. "Being arrested isn't a lesson, it's just an administrative blip."

The star of "Arthur" and "Forgetting Sarah Marshal," of course, knows firsthand the dangers of drug abuse and the legal problems it can cause; though he has been sober for a decade, prior to 2002, Brand was arrested a dozen times before kicking his heroin addiction. And now he has a novel idea to help other addicts while also trimming government costs: Take all the money being spent to arrest and imprison drug offenders and use it instead to rehabilitate them.

"Penalizing people for possession of drugs is costly and expensive," Brand said. "A good number of times I was arrested was simply for possession and the administrative costs of that would be better spent, I think, on education and addressing the costs of treatment."

Russell Brand, educator and political activist. Who would have thought it?

Watch the footage below: