Elisabeth Moss Goes Wild in 'A Buddy Story' Trailer

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Those who watch AMC's phenomenal "Mad Men" must have relished the recent episode where typically straight-laced/mousy Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) went on a wild epic bender of cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana and movie theater friskiness with a stranger.

Now they can see fan fave Moss really cut loose in the amiable new indie flick "A Buddy Story," the trailer for which has just debuted on Yahoo! Movies. FYI, the "Buddy" of the title describes both the main dude's name and his relationship with Moss' character. Super clever, eh?

Buddy (Gavin Bellour) is a struggling NYC musician on tour with his pet turtle. Susan (Moss) is Buddy's neighbor looking to get away from an abusive boyfriend. She winds up tagging along as he strums his guitar and wears plaid shirts and brown hoodies across the country, providing Buddy with some (platonic) company, perspective on his life and perhaps a new #1 fan. Together they encounter biker bars, a 100-year-old's birthday party, shop in vintage clothing stores and run around whimsically the way hipsters are apt to do.

This looks like a quaint, charming mini-odyssey in the music-heavy vein of "Once," with loads of suppressed sexual tension and people talking out loud about their emotions and stuff. Also, Hebrew hip hop sensation Matisyahu is in it for some reason, so holla! (Or is that "challah?")

You can get your Elisabeth Moss fix with "A Buddy Story" exclusively On-Demand this May 15th.