Cool Clicks: Some 'Avengers' Don't Need Superpowers

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They may not have superpowers (or a cool suit of armor), but they sure know how to kick villainous butt. Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner talk with BuzzSugar about their roles as Black Widow and Hawkeye in "The Avengers," opening May 4.

HeavyWant to know what's new on Movies On Demand? Check out Heavy's The Movie Show host, Camille Ford, as she takes you through the On Demand premieres this week: the amazing "Born to Be Wild" and the awesome "Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol."

It looks like at least Marv and Gail will be returning to everyone's favorite town without pity. Robert Rodriguez tells MTV News that both Mickey Rourke and Rosario Dawson are pumped for "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For," which will commence with production this summer.

Soon, we'll all be more than meets the eye! Get a glimpse into the magic behind the exciting "Transformers: The Ride 3D," one of the most elaborate roaming flight simulator ride systems ever created, courtesy of YouTube. The attraction will roll out at Universal Studios Hollywood on Friday, May 25.

It goes without saying that neither you nor any of the people you associate with have ever even considered trying drugs. That said, in honor of yesterday's dubious "holiday," here is's list of the worst movies to watch whilst you're engaged in a state of 420.

"I thought Kate looked great in 3-D, naked on that day bed — like, damn! No wonder Leo had a hard time drawing. I've seen it from his point of view now!" Bill Paxton apparently heartily approves of the 3-D remix of "Titanic," according to Vulture.