Mark Wahlberg Could Be the New Face for 'Avon Man'

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He's played a high-flying porn star, a struggling boxer and now… a cosmetic sales rep? That's right, ladies, Hollywood is all a twitter today with the news that Mark Wahlberg is in talks to play the lead in the upcoming comedy "Avon Man."

The story follows a group of guys when they are laid off from an auto dealership, Deadline reports. After some serious soul searching drinking (just a guess), one of them gets the bright idea to become an Avon salesman.

He not only survives the emasculation, but thrives in his new post, and, thanks to his charm, he becomes a top seller. But his work isn't done yet. (He's an Avon man! His work is never done!) He then tries to save his town and help his struggling family pulling in his macho unemployed pals to hawk the beauty products so they can win a regional contest.

It sounds kind of like "Troop Beverly Hills" when they had to move all those boxes of girl scout cookies… except, you know, with dudes.

Hugh Jackman was previously circling the role, but has since packed up his cosmetics kit due to potential scheduling conflicts.

Wahlberg has been mixing it up, doing both dramatic and comedic projects—and will soon star in the Seth MacFarlane-directed "Ted" with Mila Kunis. No word yet on when lensing will begin, but just the thought of Wahlberg showing up at your house for a day of beauty is enough to put a smile on our face for now.