Catskills Fire Destroys Original 'Dirty Dancing' Resort

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A bunch of brave firemen had the time of their life putting out a massive blaze that took down a piece of very cherished movie history.

MSNBC reports that over 43 fire companies and 300 firefighters had to rally together to douse the flames that devoured the Catskills condominium complex formerly known as Brown's Hotel, which inspired the affluent resort Kellerman's in "Dirty Dancing," the favorite movie of nearly every member of the female gender.

While no one was killed or injured in what is being called the "largest fire in Catskills history," many residents lost their homes and belongings, as well as the fantasy that Patrick Swayze would someday lift them up in the air in a dancehall. This is the latest in a series of tragedies to befall the legacy of the film, after Swayze's death and Jennifer Grey's nose job.

While the majority of 1987's "Dirty Dancing" was shot at the Mountain Lake Resort near Roanoke, Virginia, it was Brown's in Loch Sheldrake, 85 miles northwest of New York City, that gave life to Eleanor Bergstein's screenplay, based on her Catskill summers competing in dance competitions while her parents golfed.

The 68-year-old facility housed The Jerry Lewis Theatre Club, which featured classic acts like George Burns, Liberace, Sammy Davis Jr., and Bob Hope. When its beloved matriarch Lillian Brown passed away in 1997 it was converted to condos, and now its been converted to ash.

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