'Skyfall' Stunt Destroys Historic Istanbul Shop

[caption id="attachment_108407" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="MGM"]Daniel Craig as James Bond in "Skyfall"[/caption]

One thing we love about James Bond is that you can always count on him to visit some of the most exotic and stunning locales in the world; each film is like "The Amazing Race," only with guns and satellites that shoot giant laser beams.

But there are certain risks inherent in filming elaborate stunts in world famous historical sites — such as, for instance, the possibility you might accidentally destroy them.

Case in point: According to The Guardian, a stuntman filming a scene for the upcoming Bond film "Skyfall" recently lost control of his motorcycle and obliterated a 330-year-old shop in Istanbul's iconic Grand Bazaar.


Built back in the 15th century, the Grand Bazaar is one of the world's most famous shopping centers, with pretty much anything you can imagine available for sale. Now, however, shop keeper Mete Boybeyi has something new to sell: Shard of glass after the stuntman plowed through his store window while trying to avoid hitting extras during a chase scene.

And he's not exactly thrilled about it.

""It is very nice for the Grand Bazaar to be chosen as a location for shooting this kind of movie. But the bazaar's administration… didn't notify us the shooting would be like this," Boybeyi said with classic Turkish understatement. "This place is regulated by the Council of Monuments. We can't even change our window without their permission."

Because of that ironic fact, Boybeyi says that getting the window fixed could take quite a while, meaning he'll be losing money. "No one from the movie crew came to ask: 'What are your losses?' We filed a complaint at the police station."

We're not sure how much good a police complaint will do when an MI6 agent with a license to kill is involved, but we have to give props to Daniel Craig and director Sam Mendes. Because only James Bond could turn window shopping into an international incident.