Cool Clicks: Lawrence & Cooper Head South for 'Serena'

[caption id="attachment_122528" align="alignright" width="220" caption="2929 Entertainment"]Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in Serena[/caption]

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Well, don't they look like a nice couple who are probably up to no good. Collider has the first look at Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper decked out in '30s duds for the upcoming Southern gothic melodrama, "Serena."

HeavyWhose life wasn't changed by the 27-minute live version of "Dazed and Confused?" "A to Zeppelin: The Story of Led Zeppelin" chronicles the band's history from their 1968 formation to their reign as 1970s hard-rock giants — you can rock out to the entire documentary on Heavy.

The PlaylistDaniel Craig, Naomie Harris and Ralph Fiennes are all packing heat! The Playlist has compiled some bullet-ridden new images from the upcoming 007 adventure, "Skyfall." The film's trailer will reportedly be attached to "Men in Black III," opening May 25.

"Bully" finally scored an official PG-13 rating just in time for its wide release on Friday, April 13. Justin Bieber is the newest star to join The Bully Project by taking a stand, lending his voice to a new featurette for the film available on iTunes Movie Trailers.

By the Beard of Zeus! A "custody battle" and "bowling for dollars" are among the plot details that director Adam McKay has revealed to Salon about the long-awaited and recently greenly sequel, "Anchorman 2."

Look, up in the sky! It's Super Sabrina the Teenage Witch! Deadline reports that the '60s Archie Comics heroine will get a superhero makeover with her own live-action "Spider-Man"-style origin story about a young girl coming to terms with her remarkable powers.