The 12 Best 'Hunger Games' Parodies to Satisfy Your Craving

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If you're like us, "The Hunger Games" has left you with a major hankering for seconds … Actually, we may be onto third or fourth helping status by this point, but in any case, what you might just be famished for is a little levity about the whole situation in Panem.

We here in District 14 abide by the "when up a tree, look for descending parodies" mode to surviving times of drought, and these videos dropped just in the nick of time.

Sit back and feast your eyes on our very favorite "Hunger Games" parodies. We think even the Capitol would approve (Well, maybe not President Snow. He doesn't have much of a sense of humor).

1. 'The Hungry Games'

It may not be the most sophisticated effort at "Hunger Games" ribbing, but "The Hungry Games" is indeed an earnest play on the, shall we say, culinary opportunities that the nature and title of the story present. Even better, this Yahoo! sketch adds extra strangeness to the Capitol characters, which hardly needed any added eccentricity to support humor.

2. The Hillywood Show

Stanley Tucci was so convincing as Caesar Flickerman that it may have been easy for "The Hunger Games" viewers to overlook the Capitol-ish nature of his Ode to Barbara Walters. But the trusty ladies of The Hillywood Show seized the opportunity to flash his "Fashionista" side in their "Hunger Games" parody video. In keeping with that theme, they used real-as-can-be interview costume replicas for both tributes and Capitol citizens alike.

3. Evil Iguana Productions

The dialogue of "The Hunger Games" always carried a serious tone, but Evil Iguana Productions decided to soufflé the original plot with a new blend of sarcasm, scaled down sets, and most hilariously, a dash of realism.

4. How It Should Have Ended

The How It Should Have Ended team takes on the dramatic blueberry showdown with the Capitol.

5. Funny Or Die

Whereas "The Hungry Games" relied on excess for its eating contest line of laughs, Funny Or Die went for the deadly Cornucopia approach and replaced the center stash of weapons with a plate of donuts and the tributes' weaponry with various flatware. The rapacious tributes turn deadly as they race for the feast in this slow-mo-heavy foodbath.

6. 'The Muppets' & 7. 'Pirates!'

At least two movies have cashed in on paid homage to "The Hunger Games" with a special trailer. "The Muppets" did so for their mid-March DVD release, and "The Pirates: Band of Misfits!" recently followed suit, promoting the coming April 27th debut. Both took footage from their own films and edited it to resemble the tension of "The Hunger Games." (We have to wonder: Is this a thing now?)

8. 'Saturday Night Live'

With all the talk and attention surrounding the movie, "Saturday Night Live" would've been remiss to overlook "The Hunger Games" as potential sketch material. Alas they did not and reserved their oh-so-kooky rendition of Effie Trinket for TV's sauciest comedienne Sofia Vergara.

9. 'The Hunger Pains'

What was meant to be a book trailer (in a movie trailer's clothing) for The Harvard Lampoon's book parody "The Hunger Pains" easily became one of the better short spoofs. Having random guest appearances by Lily Tomlin and Thomas Lennon didn't hurt.

10. 'Gale & Katniss'

In our Team Peeta/Team Gale feature, one person argued that if Gale Hawthorne had really wanted the affection of Katniss Everdeen, he should've made his move long before she and Peeta Mellark swapped spit in the arena. Well, this is one possibility as to what it might've looked like if he had. Yuck.

11. 'Video Games'

We've heard a lot of song lyrics transformed to pay homage to "The Hunger Games" but the Second City transformation of Lana del Ray's "Video Games" took the cake.

12. 'The Bum-ger Games'

Housewives dish out some "Hunger Games"-style justice, Peeta gets shot down, and bums battle it out in trash-cans and bathrobes in "The Bum-ger Games," from our own weekly show, "Extra Butter, Please."

Bonus: 'Hunger Games' characters styled as cartoons

Not to toot our own horn too much, but we've too had some fun with the characters from "The Hunger Games." We reimagined our favorites in the animated style of both "South Park" and those crazy yellow Springfielders, "The Simpsons."

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