Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is a 'Looper,' Whatever That Means

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The first teaser for the trailer for "Looper" has just hit the internet, but if you have no idea WTF a "Looper" is supposed to be, don't worry, because star Joseph Gordon-Levitt and writer/director Rian Johnson are here to explain the concept.

A teaser with a commentary track? Gee, there really isn't anything that JGL can't do.

So what is "Looper" about? Turns out it's a time travel story about a guy (that's Gordon-Levitt) who kills people who are sent back in time to be eliminated.

One problem: His newest target is his own future self — and he's played by Bruce Willis.

"Which is how you know it's a movie," JGL explains, "because in real life, I'd be screwed."

The full trailer won't be available until Thursday, but until then, here's an intimate chat with Johnson and Gordon-Levitt about "Looper," courtesy of Rope of Silicon: