'Bully' Pulls Some Punches For a PG-13

[caption id="attachment_120153" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Weinstein Company"]Bully[/caption]

Bullies and non-bullies under 17 can now see "Bully" without an accompanying parent or adult guardian.

The Motion Picture Association of America has granted a PG-13 rating to a new cut of the controversial documentary, "Bully," that was recently submitted by The Weinstein Company. This decision by the MPAA is a "huge victory for the parents, educators, lawmakers and, most importantly, children everywhere who have been fighting for months for the appropriate PG-13 rating without cutting some of the most sensitive moments," according to a press release from TWC.

The Weinstein Company removed three instances of the "F" word in the new cut, but, oddly enough, the scene in which teen Alex Libby is bullied and harassed on a bus — an intense moment that has been at the forefront of the battle with the MPAA over the film's original R rating — remains completely intact and unaltered.

"I feel completely vindicated with this resolution," said "Bully" director Lee Hirsch. "While I retain my belief that PG-13 has always been the appropriate rating for this film, as reinforced by Canada's rating of a PG, we have today scored a victory from the MPAA."

According to Deadline, "Bully" is rated PG-13 "for intense thematic material, disturbing content, and some strong language – all involving kids." The MPAA has also granted The Weinstein Company a waiver eliminating the usual 90-day window required between the release of two differently-rated versions of the same movie, which means the PG-13 "Bully" can be used when the film expands to 55 market on April 13.

Never doubt that Harvey Weinstein always gets what he wants. Meanwhile, let's hope this documentary now reaches the audience it's trying to reach and does some good.