Jennifer Lawrence Snapped in PJs Receiving Oscar Nom News

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Long before the world came to know her as "The Hunger Games" powerhouse Katniss Everdeen, Jennifer Lawrence was something of a critical darling thanks to her work in the 2010 flick "Winter's Bone."

Fresh into the Hollywood arena, she made quite an impression as Ree, the down-on-her-luck-but-not-giving-up girl from the Ozarks who stands her ground in a world of poverty, underground drug rings and rampant violence. Her performance in the film was so revered, in fact, that it landed her her very first Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.

One might wonder what that moment would look like — when a relative newcomer like Lawrence receives the news that she's got an Oscar nom — but thanks to this unearthed home pic from that very morning, we wonder no more.

This shot of Lawrence, her family, and her boyfriend (and "X-Men: First Class" co-star) Nicholas Hoult made its way to the web this week, showing the exact moment when Jennifer Lawrence's name was read aloud as part of the talent-heavy 2011 Oscar nom roster (which also included the likes of Annette Bening, Nicole Kidman, Michelle Williams and eventual winner Natalie Portman).

Lawrence, who we've come to know as a very normal chick especially where Hollywood is concerned, is decked out in a pair of silk PJ pants, a loose-fitting t-shirt, some sort of sweater robe and slippers. Her mother and father match her comfy style with their own set of robes, and Hoult seems to be wearing a pair of rolling skates, of all things. Classic.

The pic was discussed in the latest edition of Rolling Stone, which features Lawrence on the cover, with Lawrence saying she looked "like I'm being sent off to jail" in the shot.

We totally disagree. We think she looks exactly as Jennifer Lawrence should look in a shot like this.

A year later, Lawrence would style it up a bit more to appear on the giving end of this year's Oscar noms, but to us, thanks to this great photo, she'll always be that girl in PJs jumping around her living room.

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