Robert Downey Jr. Is Getting His 'Judge' On

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Robert Downey Jr. just added another project to his to-do pile, and it doesn't require any fancy gadgets, period costumes, or special effects. RDJ is attached to star in and produce "The Judge," a little dramedy about family.

This isn't your typical big city son comes home and makes good type of deal, though; when Downey Jr.'s character goes home after his mother passes away, he finds out that his dad, the eponymous judge, is suspected of knocking her off. But there's a problem — he's got Alzheimer's.

While most family relationships are equal parts comedy and drama, if you're lucky, it will be interesting to see which side "The Judge" leans on. It sounds like it's got the potential for some tear jerking, but it's being directed by David Dobkin, who brought us "The Change-Up" and "Fred Claus."

On the other hand, the script has been through so many hands that there's no telling what it might look like by the time this thing goes into production.

The script was originally written by Nick Schenk, who wrote the solemn Clint Eastwood drama "Gran Torino." Then David Seidler, who snagged an Oscar for his screenplay for "The King's Speech," came onboard to make a pass over the draft.

Now Bill Dubuque is writing yet another draft of the film; this would be Dubuque's first script to make it to the big screen. He wrote the Black List script "The Accountant," which has yet to be picked up, and "The Headhunter's Calling," which Matthew McConaughey was once interested in — in 2010.

Downey Jr. will also be producing alongside his wife Susan Downey, a powerful exec producer in her own right. (The two met on the set of "Gothika," which she produced and he costarred in.) Will this fast track the project?

He's already got "The Avengers" opening in May, "Iron Man 3" in pre-production, and a slew of other movies he's attached to, and director Dobkin's film "Arthur and Lancelot" is reportedly on the move, according to Deadline. (It was first announced in 2011, so take that with a grain of salt.)

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