Abigail Breslin Spirits Away to 'Haunter'

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Abigail Breslin will soon be haunted by the ghost — of herself!

The "Zombieland" star is set to enter the spirit world as she's signed on to play the title role in "Haunter," according to Variety.

"Haunter" tells the story of Lisa (Breslin), a teenage girl who died under sinister circumstances along with the rest of her family back in 1986. Now trapped in her house and unable to move on, Lisa must reach out from beyond the grave to help her present-day, living counterpart avoid the same fate she suffered.

So it's kind of like "Beetlejuice," except this time the ghosts actually want to talk to the people living in the house. Or kind of like "The Others," except … wait, that's a spoiler. Never mind.

"Haunter" will be directed by Vincezo Natali, who recently freaked everyone out with his mad scientist tale, "Splice." It sounds like this film won't have any deeply disturbing sex scenes that prompt physical mutations in at least one of the participants.

Abigail Breslin is certainly digging the genre projects lately. Besides playing the hardened apocalypse survivor Little Rock in "Zombieland," she also provided the voice of Priscilla the cactus mouse in "Rango" and is currently filming her role as Valentine Wiggin in the sci-fi action adventure, "Ender's Game." She also recently signed on to star opposite Halle Berry in Brad Anderson's new thriller, "The Hive."

Production on "Haunter" will begin in mid-April in Toronto, after which Breslin will segue into "The Hive" in June.