Liam Neeson Will Punch an Airplane in 'Non-Stop'

[caption id="attachment_108738" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Liam Neeson[/caption]

Liam Neeson shows no signs of turning in his action star license any time soon.

The "Unknown" star will join forces with Dark Castle once again as he boards the new airline thriller, "Non-Stop," according to Variety.

"Non-Stop" will feature Neeson as a worn-out air marshal who faces a threat while traveling on an international flight. No word yet on whether his character has a daughter in some sort of distress or a wife who outright lies to him about his true identity as a secret agent (or something).

Liam Neeson has become quite the action icon in recent years, wielding a lightsaber in "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace," swinging a sword in both "Kingdom of Heaven" and "Batman Begins" and shooting a machine gun whilst chomping down on a stogie in "The A-Team." He also punched out every single person in France in "Taken," punched out every single person in Germany in "Unknown," punched wolves and bad weather in "The Grey" and currently pulls no godlike punches as the bearded Zeus in "Wrath of the Titans."

Neeson will be seen this summer reprising his role as Ra's al Ghul in "The Dark Knight Rises," which makes us want to go out and punch something in excitement. He'll also be seen barking orders and probably not surviving past the first reel in "Battleship," opening May 18.

Production on "Non-Stop" will commence later this year under the direction of Jeff Wadlow ("Never Back Down").