Adam Sandler Planning to Attend 'Summer School' Remake

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After taking attendance we realize they were all there: the jock, the geek, the pregnant girl, the psychopaths and the male stripper. Every cliché necessary for an '80s high school comedy with that rich, full-bodied flavor we enjoy, except one thing was missing… a little someone named Adam Sandler.

Of course we're talking about the 1987 Mark Harmon/Kirstie Alley slacker classic "Summer School," which The Hollywood Reporter says will now be remade through Sandler's hit factory production company Happy Madison.

Well, you know, "hit factory," not counting "Bucky Larson." Sorry, Bucky.

Harmon originally starred as a laid-back gym teacher forced to abandon his summer plans and teach a remedial English class full of outcasts, weirdos, and a hot young Courtney Thorne-Smith fresh off of "Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise."

"Summer School" was no pseudo-poetic John Hughes rite of passage high school movie, it was a full-on goofy doofy "comedy" with the air quotes, courtesy of comic legend Carl Reiner ("The Jerk"). In fact, the previous year he'd directed John Candy in "Summer Rental," which makes us wonder if there was an unrealized third part in a summer-themed trilogy going on for Reiner. "Summer Internship" anyone? Starring Jon Cryer? No takers???

Sandler is not attached to star in the "Summer School" remake (yet), although he would be ideal as the raunchy pothead teacher who turns out to be even worse than the students. At least one high falsetto song on a ukulele would need to be played, and roles for Rob Schneider and David Spade will no doubt be announced soon.

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