'The Hunger Games' Heads For Hillywood

[caption id="attachment_120704" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="The Hillywood Show"]The Hunger Games Parody from The Hillywood Show[/caption]

We figured it was only a matter of time before The Hillywood Show set its sights on Panem.

The Hindi Sisters have targeted the fashionable world of the Capitol with their latest concoction, the appropriately-titled "The Hunger Games Parody." Set to a shorter version of Jimmy James' epic club ballad, "Fashionista," the latest spoof from Hillywood offers a more cutthroat variation on what goes on behind the scenes of blue-haired Caesar Flickerman's talk show.

For those uninitiated, The Hillywood Show is the brainchild of Internet celebrities and sister comedy duo Hilly and Hannah Hindi. No piece of pop culture is safe from their satirical stylings — especially not "Twilight."

Check out "The Hunger Games Parody" below, and be grateful for the fact that you don't have to live in such a cruel future world.