'The Woman in Black' Becomes a Frightening Franchise with 'The Angels of Death'

[caption id="attachment_108135" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="CBS Films"]Woman in Black[/caption]

Are you ready to take a trip back to Eel Marsh Manor? The sequel to "The Woman in Black" won't feature Daniel Radcliffe as a dapper Edwardian era lawyer, but its title alone is enough to send a shiver down our spines.

"Angels of Death" is currently in development over at the House of Hammer with help from author Susan Hill, who wrote the novel upon which "The Women in Black" is based.

"Angels of Death" is an original work by Hill that takes place 40 years after Radcliffe's trip to the haunted manor, when a couple find themselves in thrall to the house's rather unwelcoming resident. Story editor Jon Croker will adapt Hill's story into a screenplay.

There's not even a whisper of who might be attached to direct or star, and since only Hill and Hammer insiders have read the story, we've nary a hint about who might take on this period piece. (It's not clear if "Angels of Death" is a short story or novella, or whether it will eventually be released as such.)

With "The Woman in Black" and upcoming films like "The Raven," "Dark Shadows," "The Moth Diaries," and now "Angels of Death," the gothy, over-the-top aesthetic made famous by Hammer seems to be the next big thing in horror. Of course, there's still plenty of gore to go around for fiends who prefer their movies with a little more mayhem, such as upcoming films like "The Cabin in the Woods," "Chernobyl Diaries," and even "Piranha 3DD" coming to theaters this summer.

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