Proof That Meryl Streep Could Play Anyone

[caption id="attachment_112450" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="NextMovie"]Meryl Streep as Hillary Clinton[/caption]

Another Academy Awards, another nomination (and win!) for Meryl Streep, this time for channeling legendary British prime minister Margaret Thatcher in "The Iron Lady" (on DVD and Blu-ray this week). It's just the latest bravura performance from Streep, who has played Julia Child, a fashion editor based on Anna Wintour, a Polish survivor of the Holocaust and union activist Karen Silkwood -- not to mention a Danish writer, a nun and a grieving Australian mother. Plus, she once costarred with Roseanne Barr.

Is there anything Meryl Streep can't do? Clearly the answer is "no."

So why couldn't our First Lady of Cinema play former First Lady Hillary Clinton? Or even some of the most esteemed and notorious men in history? Leave it to Old Red Jalopy to envision Meryl Streep in every biopic ever to be made. Cue seven more Oscar nominations.

Meryl Streep as Einstein

Meryl Streep as Muammar Qaddafi

Meryl Streep as Hillary ClintonMeryl Streep as Nelson MandelaMeryl Streep as Mother Teresa

Meryl Streep as Madonna

Originally published Feb. 22, 2012.