Trailer Has Samuel L. Jackson As One Not-So-Good 'Samaritan'

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You've seen it before: the old criminal gets out of jail, tries to go straight, is forced to pull one last job. What's the difference this time? A little something we call "Sam Jacksification."

The Jacksified movie in question is the small-scale con-man thriller "The Samaritan," whose trailer has just debuted on Yahoo! Movies. The always-mesmerizing Samuel L. Jackson plays Foley, a former grifter that just spent 25-years in the pokey. When he meets a beautiful young woman/femme fatale named Iris (Ruth Negga), he wants to straighten up and fly right.

Enter Ethan (Luke Kirby), his former business partner's son looking to long con his boss Xavier (Tom Wilkinson), a ruthless businessman, out of $8-million clams. Though he refuses at first, Ethan pulls Foley's strings to set up the confidence game and winds up getting some of Jackson's Nick Fury without the "Nick" part.

Jackson can easily ride out a flick on his charisma alone, but "The Samaritan" looks to be more than a phoned-in role for the "Snakes On A Plane" legend. His weathered, haunted facade makes this one of his most vulnerable characters in years, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have some aces up his sleeve.

Watch him put the "Sam" in "Samaritan" below.