We Wanna (Punk) Rock in 'No Room for Rockstars' Clip

Feel like slamming yourself a wall? Doing a little screaming? Dancing yourself into a frenzy?

You might be in the mood for "No Room for Rockstars," the new rock documentary filmed during the 2010 Vans Warped Tour. Directed by music video director Parris Patton and produced by "Dogtown and Z-Boys" director Stacy Peralta, "No Room for Rockstars" takes us into the world of punk rock through the eyes of its fans and musicians and shows us not just the energy of the scene but also the sense of community and what it's like to spend months on the road. Plus there's some kick-ass music, too.

This exclusive clip from the film introduces us to dogged upstarts Forever Came Calling, who have nothing but a van, a few CDs and a dream that someday they'll actually get to play on the Warped Tour, rather than just tag along on the tour and steal coffee from the Circle K. That is so punk rock.

You can download "No Room for Rockstars" on iTunes starting April 2.