'The Hunger Games' Beanie Baby Style

[caption id="attachment_119724" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="The Online Musical"][/caption]

In a not so distant future, North America has collapsed and has been replaced by a country named Panem, filled with ... Beanie Babies (yes, Beanie Babies).

After "The Hunger Games" sold out movie theaters everywhere and pulled in $155 million in its first weekend, a special capitol citizen known as The Online Musical (discovered by Vulture) decided to re-create the story with a slew of the small, stuffed collectibles.

Meet Cuteness Everbean.

Oh, yeah, and did we mention the tie-died bears with peace signs as  Peacekeepers? Or how about Effie Trinket as a colorful seahorse? Yeah, it's that great.

Press play and cheer for District 12 in the latest (and most adorable) "Hunger Games" spoof.