Kristian Dowling./Getty Images

Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling Wants to Volunteer to Be Your Tribute

"The Hunger Games" meets Gosling. Need We say more?

It wasn't that long ago that the parody trailer "Drive-Thru" turned Ryan Gosling's wheelman into a fast food delivery guy, but now Time Magazine's 'Coolest Person of the Year' is making us hungry again in his inimitably sexy way.

Yep, someone has taken the great "Hey Girl" meme up a notch by combining it with movie phenom du jour "The Hunger Games" to create one leering, smoldering package. The Tumblr page simply titled "Hunger Games Ryan Gosling" already includes four pages of Gosling giving Team Peeta a run for their money in the charm department.

Some comments that would make the fans of District 12 weak in the knees include "Hey Girl, I'd eat a poisonous berry for you any day," or "Hey Girl, you lit my fire even before Cinna set you ablaze."

Ladies get ready to change your desktop background, and possibly your underwear, as you soak up all the delicious Gosling Games.